Five Reasons to Chat with A Username and Not Remain Anonymous

“The best way to establish your identity”

When you log onto a webcam site to check out the cam girls, the first thing you’ll encounter is the free group chats that are going in the channel. Whether you’re a member of the site or not is irrelevant. In fact, you shouldn’t join until you’re sure a site is legit and not a scam. On most sites, as soon as you click on the site, you can join the group chat using either a username or choose to participate anonymously. Checking out what’s going on anonymously for your first time in a group chat is totally normal and most guys end up trying cam sites by doing this. However, once you choose a reputable site to join such as and you know that you’re not getting scammed, that’s when you need to choose a username. Here are five important reasons why you should stop chatting anonymously as soon as possible and establish your own identity as a cam site client.

Show off Your Personality

Just like e-mail addresses, when you pick a username, it should showcase some part of your personality you want to convey to other users, and especially to the cam girls. You should choose something creative, memorable, and easy to pronounce. While it may seem strange that one of the essential elements of creating a good online username is to have it be pronounceable, this is due to the fact that most people remember a name they can say out loud. If you use a bunch of incoherent letters and numbers, no one is going to remember who you are. Try to choose something that you consider an attribute. Maybe you pride yourself on your physical appearance, or you value your own intellect as a strong point. Whatever the case, before you begin live cam chatting on, check its reviews here: LiveSexAwards Review: We See For Sure Whether It Really Delivers. Check the cam rating to be sure that you are on a top site. You have to be on your top game when dealing with cam girls on a top site like this. Having a username that shows off your identity sets you apart from the crowd and helps people remember you.

Gives You an Edge in Group Chat

“A username gives you the extra edge to stand out from the crowd”

Group chat can be an exciting experience at first if you haven’t done it before. You’re in a large chat room that’s part of a cam girl’s channel. Everyone there is a client, and most of them are talking to the girl herself. The thing is, every person in the chat room has something they want to see or some ulterior motive to get the cam girl who shows them what they want. The fact of the matter is that the girl you’re watching is completely aware of this, and she’s going to pick and choose who to listen to based on her own preferences and expectations. You have to stand out to get anywhere with a cam girl, though, and the first step in the right direction is setting up a username that sets you apart from the crowd. Once you do that, then you can start to build a reputation. Whether you snag her attention and favor with flattery or a wise tipping strategy, by having a recognizable name, you become a force to be reckoned with on her channel.

Establish Your Identity

“Choose your username wisely”

Once you’re on the site for a while, then you’ll want to start really establishing your identity. You want to send a clear message of what you’re all about and make yourself enticing to webcam girls. When you’re dealing with sites that are legit and not scams, they often contain a minor subculture. This is also present on a cam girl’s actual channel, and you want to build yourself up as much as possible. Your username should be synonymous with all the things that will get you extra favors with the cam girl of your choice. For example, when you enter a group chat, it’s helpful if the other participants know who you are. This is an especially effective tactic if the girl herself greets you individually. Not only does this mean that she’s aware of your presence, but it might also convince other clients to swing in the direction of your interests and requests. If more people request the same thing of a cam girl in group chat, she’s going to be more inclined to perform it. Cam girls want to keep their business steady, and if you can exert enough influence to get other people on board for a particular request you have, you’ll be more successful. All of this starts with your single username, though, so choose wisely from the beginning.

Track All of Your Own Activity

Becoming a member of a webcam site also allows you to track all of your activity. You also usually need a membership to obtain the tipping currency. If a site is one of the many scams out there, a major tip-off is that that no membership system, and rather just a flat rate fee. Be careful of what sites you give your credit card number. Once you choose a username with your membership, though, you’ll be able to oversee all of your own activity and history. You’ll also have a way to tip the girls, which is an important ability to have. Even if you have all the tricks to get what you want without ever spending any money, sometimes having tips available can be helpful. While many men prefer to get as much as they can out of a cam girl for no money, selective tipping can go a long way, too. By establishing a membership with a username, you’re able to more effectively get a hold on what you’re doing on the site, what channels you’re visiting most frequently, and also taking advantage of site features that aren’t available without signing up for a username. Don’t waste time in group chats as an anonymous user.

Tips and Site Memberships

“Make sure that you are capable of tipping her by having a registered username”

Members of cam sites are regularly offered all kinds of different tip deals and incentives. There are frequently games you can play to earn more tips or points on the site. Unlike an anonymous user who only occasionally looks at random channels, the established user has the ability to use all of the site’s functions to the fullest extent. This is important if you’re going to be focusing on a few select cam girls who you want to get as many favors out of as possible. It’s nearly impossible to navigate a site and really use all of the tactics you learn without a real username and membership. Be wary, though, of which sites you join. While some sites are legit, their deals with tips and how you’re rewarded can vary widely. Make sure that you’re really getting your money’s worth by comparing different site deals. One of the most important factors you should consider when deciding which site to join is the tipping system. Tipping is the backbone of the camming industry, and it’s what cam girls depend on. If all else fails, you can also start over with a different username later on.

Are Books on Dating Truly Helpful? Here Are 10 Must-Read Relationship Books You Must Read!


“Dating books can really help you out”

The relationships of today are highly complex and aren’t easy to maintain. And, if you’re many of the other people out there looking for lasting love, you might want to look for some assistance. Sources are all around. You can go to people who are close to you such as friends and family for advice. They do know you and have had experiences of their own after all. If looking for a broader base of experiences, you might want to resort to the internet with forums and blogs offering advice for people in relationships. However, if you’re looking for great advice with some theoretical backup, it wouldn’t hurt to look for the voice of an expert, and there’s no better place than through a well-written book.
While internet based forums and blogs offer quite a lot of information, books can provide you with in-depth opinions and voices of experts in the fields of human relations. However, just remember that before you buy these books and spend time reading them you should try to get a feel of what people are saying about the book. In the same way that you read reviews of dating services before spending the time to make a profile on a dating site, you should read a review before buying books that may or not be worth your money. Here are a few books which you should consider reading:

1.) Stop Getting Dumped by Lisa Daily


“A book to help you spot the bad boys and jerks”

This offers quality relationship advice for younger girls. Information such as spotting bad boys and jerks to the secrets behind getting a man to call you to common mistakes women make that push men away, this practical, guide to meeting and keeping “The One” tells it like it is, and gives advice that is easy to follow and amazingly effective. After you’re reading you will realize quite a bit about what you’ve been doing right and wrong as you’ve been going on your search for your the right one.

2.) 300 Questions LDS Couples Should Ask Before Marriage by Shannon L. Alder


“A detailed overview on Christian couples before marriage”

The book offers quality insights to questions Christian couples should ask themselves before moving to the partnership of marriage. It will help you set your goals and orient your perspectives about marriage. The questions will inspire you, leading to a deeper understanding about each other to make a lasting relationship work. The book’s content can also be of value for people outside the LDS church. The book is written in question format to help with specific questions based on the need and concerns of couples considering marriage.

3.) Why Men Love Bitches: From Doormat to Dreamgirl – A Woman’s Guide to Holding Her Own in a Relationship by Sherry Argov

The book contends with the commonly held notion that women who are “too nice” will not be able to hold a guy’s interest. After all, it’s one’s “unique, bad side” that is, oftentimes, the most interesting part of that person. According to Argov, it isn’t necessary for a woman to have a difficult disposition. She doesn’t have to be mean or offensive. The woman that Argov speaks about is kind yet strong. And while the author’s views may be ranged from easily acceptable to absurd, the book’s contents are definitely worth a read.

4.) Dateable: Are you? Are they? by Justin Lookadoo

Justin Lookadoo’s book, primarily written for teens aims to dissuade teens from focusing too much of their energy and passion towards people who are actually not the right people. The book doesn’t hold back in telling teens the truth about dating and it makes an effort to direct their energies toward a greater purpose. The reality is that relationships that begin during the teenage years usually don’t last. The emotional investment that most teens make in relationships should rather be spent enjoying those years. A lot of much needed perspective on sex is also given to readers. For teens entering a relationship, this is definitely a must read.

5.) Mars and Venus on a Date: A Guide for Navigating the 5 Stages of Dating to Create a Loving and Lasting Relationship by John Gray

Lasting relationships are definitely difficult to come by these days. And if you’re serious in looking for one, or making one last, you will want to read this book. John Gray’s work touches on the dynamics couples experience during the different stages of dating namely, attraction, uncertainty, exclusivity, intimacy and engagement. The book also gives advice on creating lasting and mutually fulfilling relationships. Practical guidelines and witty insights are all found within “Mars and Venus on a Date”.

6.) Finding a Husband after 35 Using What I Learned at Harvard Business School by Rachel Greenwald


“How to find a life partner after 30?”

Once you’re past 30, the field thins considerably when you’re looking for a potential mate. Rachel Greenwald’s work covers the ways to find those hard to find eligible men despite the fewer opportunities to actually come across these rare species. The book tells readers to conservative approach to dating emphasizing the importance of femininity and the willingness to compromise on certain ideals. “Finding a Husband” covers all the bases and provides a thorough program for women who really intend to find that special someone.

7.) Date…or Soul Mate? How To Know If Someone Is Worth Pursuing In Two Dates Or Less By Neil Clark Warren Ph.D.

Dr. Warren’s work is one of the extremely practical dating guides available on the market today. It covers the psychology behind compatibility as well as the time management – i.e. necessary in creating the right relationship. Many have gone through reviews of dating services choosing the sites which offer the best pieces of advice but still end up with problematic relationships. The book manages to take a similar approach portraying readers’ personal preference and choice to put together profile which lists recommended characteristics for you to look for in a potential mate. At the very least it’s a fun read, but in its entirety the book is very insightful as it allows readers new perspectives on making a relationship succeed.

8.) Better Single than Sorry: A No-Regrets Guide to Loving yourself and Never Settling by Jen Shefft


“Being Single doesn’t equal to loneliness”

The book, geared towards women is a guide for those who need to get rid of the idea that being single is equal to being lonely. It is a good read for people who require a self-esteem boost. Relationships are not something you should enter just as a result of peer pressure. And being single is a better choice relative to a short lived impulsive relationship. The book is not intended for people finding love but is a great read for anyone who needs to stop and reassess personally held views on relationships.

9.) 10 Commandments of Dating by Dr. Samuel Adams

This book covers, in great detail, simple guidelines for relationships that will help single people find real, lasting relationships as well as couples who need to rethink their relationship dynamic. Very simple and straightforward, 10 Commandments of Dating gives common sense reasons as to why a lot of relationships don’t work out. Dr. Adams also made a wonderful effort injecting humor into the book making it a great read.

10.) Drunk, Divorced and Covered in Cat Hair by Laurie Perry

Laurie Perry’s work covers her own personal experiences tackling the emotional journey of divorce and getting back into the dating scene. Brutally honest about her past relationship, Perry’s manner of writing makes it seem as if a friend was talking directly to you. A great book on overcoming divorce and finding the strength to re-enter the dating scene.
Those are just a few of the potential bits of literature that you should read about romantic relationships. So while you’re looking at reviews of dating services you might also want to read some of the books listed here. Smart dating is always a good investment. So, always read the genuine dating service reviews and choose only the top personals websites. This is another smart way to find legit online dating services and save yourself from spending a large amount of money.

Getting Your Beginner Groove In The Mood

They say nothing beats first kiss, but what others who know better would tell you is that nothing would ever beat a great time in bed. Countless stories from people around the globe who are very willing to share techniques, styles, props and partners so you can also unleash your inner sex persona and experience a trip to the heavens and back and be hooked to it like a moth to a flame. If you happen to be one of the people who are still lost with what you have just read then it is really about time for you to spice up your budding shag life from awkward to awesome!

If you are still feeling conscious every single time you go to bed and been worried sick on what your partner is thinking about your not so perfect physique then we’ve got one word for you honey: Relax. The mere fact that you are in bed with that person is that you two got connection. It could be your way of thinking, common interests or even the big L word which is love. Do not let your woes spoil the moment, so what if your body isn’t shaped as perfect as Miranda Kerr’s or as hot and manly as Adam Levine, you are in bed with a person who appreciates you for you so it’s just about right to give that someone the good kind of appreciating if you know what I mean.

Do not be afraid to ask for what you prefer. A pleaser usually always gets what s/he wants in return so you both got to work for each other. Do not get me wrong though, some people find pleasure in giving pleasure so make sure you read your partner well too or if you can’t do the reading, don’t hesitate to ask. Sex life, like any relationship also requires open communication. Do not expect that your partner (no matter how long you have both been together) can read your mind and what you want in bed. You have to ask for it. One advice though is to ask nicely – or naughtily – anything goes.

do not be afraid to ask,

do not be afraid to ask,

Show appreciation. This obviously doesn’t mean saying Thank you. Darling it doesn’t work that way. Appreciation means showing you partner how much you want what s/he is doing. It could be more moaning or groaning, your light scratching on his back, your hard but painless bite on his shoulders or anything that could send the signal that shows how much you are so into it. Being stiff won’t get you anywhere.

Get Your Groove on with the

Get Your Groove on with the

Do not be afraid to experimentdo costumes, role playing, mock up situations or anything that could tickle both your fancy. Boosting up your life in the sack may sound hard work but what it should really be at the same time is a session both of you would never forget.

Become A Professional Photographer Using Your Smartphone

Whenever you need to take a picture of something in a hurry, the smartphone always comes in very handy. The majority of smartphone users do not know the capabilities of their camera on the phone or what megapixels it can snap photos at. Save your money from buying a camera and use it to fund your next project.

Whenever the kids have a birthday party, you always frantically search for the camera that you spent 100’s of dollars on to have the latest technology. What a lot of people don’t know is that a lot of the newer cell phones come with very nice cameras that can snap that picture just the way you need it. You most likely always have your cell phone on you and this is much easier than lugging around a huge camera. Going to that rock concert and taking a picture of the band is a necessity. Attending your daughter’s wedding is a moment you’d like to keep on record. There is nowhere in your dress to keep your camera though. By putting your ringtone on silent, you can take pictures without people know you are. This is great for dances that people don’t like being photo snapped.

The newer cell phones can take even better pictures than your digital camera

Programming your new smartphone takes a little time but it is worth it in the long run. You can save hundreds from having to purchase a new digital camera that you will most likely use 10 times total because it’s always lost. The newest phone that is the most popular can even take very wide panoramic photos of the entire party. A couple settings you need to look at to get the best out of your pictures are using the flash, changing the megapixel size, and using exposure to your advantage. Most smartphone cameras even come with a macro setting to take that very close picture. This is very valuable in many cases.

Cell phones can make fantastic

Cell phones can make fantastic

Tips on saving money using your smartphone camera

A lot of people want the newest technology and they don’t mind paying an arm and a leg for it. What they don’t realize though is that most new electronics are really not needed in many cases. Your smartphone can have even more settings than that new craze. You can even buy apps on your phone to improve the camera even further. So the possibilities are endless when it comes to taking the best picture on your smartphone. This can increase your wallet holdings that you can use for something else. Maybe even get a tripod to still those photos you take with the phone. You don’t need to spend the money on the camera either. You can save up for the next smartphone to have the most updated version.

New smartphone cameras improv

New smartphone cameras improv

In conclusion, knowing how to use your smartphone camera wisely is a very nice thing. A lot of people don’t take the time to set up their smartphone camera properly. Saving money by using the camera app on your smartphone is wise.

The Best 3 Fantasy Books I’ve Read Last Year

Reading has always been regarded as one way to unwind, relax and learn new things. It is an inexpensive way to go to different places, meet new people and interact with other cultures. Amidst the buzz created by technology such as the release of different smartphones, there are still those that prefer reading books to entertain themselves. I am no exception and for the past year there have been many books that have caught my attention but none better than the following fantasy books.

Game of Thrones

Technically, this is not a single book. The Game of Thrones is composed of many books and this is what makes the entire series. This is the first of the three books that I have read last year. Just like what the author have written in the past, this book series is composed of multiple storyline with a lot of gray characters. It is like a chess game where you don’t know which side will be winning and losing and this will involve children, ladies and even knights, wizards and lords. In fact, the story was so intriguing that a TV series was created based on the books. You will always be on the edge of your seat when you read this one.

Game of Thrones

Game of Thrones

The Blade Itself

This is another great read for those who love adventure, drama, great storytelling and of course, the entertainment value. Even if the author is new to the market, he is brilliant in coming up with these story. The Blade itself has the right ingredients to make it a great read. In the story, you get to meet a barbarian who swore not to kill anymore; several support characters and many more. The Blade Itself is easy to understand, uncomplicated plot and is perfect even to those who are not fond of books and have just decided to read. Anyone who will read will surely love to read The Blade Itself.

The Blade Itself (cover)

The Blade Itself (cover)

50 Shades of Grey

Lastly, I was able to read 50 Shades of Grey. This was a big hit in 2012 and was able to sell millions of copies. This was written by the British author E. L. James. The interesting part of this book was that this was originally a fan fiction based on the characters of another popular novel Twilight. However, this gained a lot of support from other fans and encouraged the author to publish it as another story. 50 Shades of Grey was controversial because it is based on the usually taboo topic which is bondage sex. Controversy, love story and fantasy is what made this fantasy book popular. I was able to enjoy the story as a reader.

These are the top fantasy books that I’ve read in the past year. Adventure, thrill, and good story flow is what makes these books interesting to read. I really had a great time reading these books and hopefully other readers would also find time to read these books as well.

Top Investment Sectors For 2013

The previous year had been quite hard-hitting for investors. Sectors which were able to make it a big success in 2012 which include technology, financials and transportation may not have the same fiscal fate this year. Just so you know most investors would do in depth research prior to making any outlays. Financial analysts have already made a thorough research on what sectors investors should keep an eye on for the fiscal year 2013.

According to one of Wall Street’s top financial analysts, Health Care is among the top investment sectors which will make it big in 2013. This is backed by the fact that the Obama Affordable Care Act has already been realized. The success of the health care sector, however, largely depends on the health care system executed. Catamaran, a pharmaceutical company, is one of the top fund holders because one of their drugs is used as the standard mode of HIV therapy. You better start buying stocks in this sector while this is still at the brink of success. Multinational companies will also continue reaping its economic success for this fiscal year because of the constant support coming from their global consumers.

Top-2 mutual funds in this

Top-2 mutual funds in this

Choosing the best sector to invest on may be painstaking and patience is highly required which usually just don’t happen overnight. At times, you may also need to move out to another place or country (which you haven’t really considered in the past or perhaps expected) so as to find the top sectors to invest on for 2013.

Another sector that promises a good fortune for 2013 is gold. Gold is such a big thing in 2011 and had hiatus in 2012. 2013, on the other hand, unfolds a different fate for the industry. And the advancement of gold has been said to take place in 2013.

Technology is also among the perennial top investment sectors which are especially true to some brands. There may be quite a rough time for technology but this still manages to climb on top of the list. This is owing to the fact that the use of PC tablets, smart phones and other gizmos is ubiquitous. This equates to an even greater market penetration.

may be the best investment

may be the best investment

The success rate of your investments, despite the numbers presented, may still be uncertain. There may be investment sectors which emerged at the top of the list in 2013. However, there’s still likelihood that what seems to be advancement could turn into a decline. The bottom line is that investing in whatever sector always has its pros and cons. It would just be all up to you on how well you can manage the risks involved. Bidding you then good luck on your pursuit! 

Benefits Of Sleep You May Be Losing

As technology progressed over the years, the loss of sleep has gained prominence. Many have dubbed themselves as being night owls. Together with the seemingly continuous downfall of the economy, whether imagined or real, people strive to maximize 24 hours by being awake to finish more tasks going overtime or working 2 or 3 jobs just to support one’s lifestyle. Others just waste their time on playing with a computer game and being awake for social networks online. Just like the flipping of a coin, when lack of sleep wins, the benefits lose, which could lead to early demise or make you a living dead.

Benefits of Sleep

  1. Gives you a healthy heart. Habitual lack of sleep has been connected to blood pressure and cholesterol levels getting worse which are risk factors for suffering stroke and heart disease. Having 7-9 hours of good sleep gives you a better heart.

    The Benefits of Sleep?

    The Benefits of Sleep?

  2. Helps you to lose weight. The reason you feel hungry when awake than when asleep is due to the hormones leptin and ghrelin which are responsible in regulating your appetite. When you are asleep, so are those hormones. Get a good 7 hours of sleep to keep the balance of those hormones.

  3. Gives you better memory. It is when you are asleep when your memory is being processed. What went on through the day are getting connected. Deep sleep is important to make those memory links that will help you process things and remember.

  4. Gets you more alert. Compare the time you slept for only 4 hours to the time that took you 7 hours. The former makes you want to go back to bed simply because you still need more sleep. Your mind cannot think of anything else but sleep. You are just forced to get up for work or some deadline. Your productivity, though, suffers. With enough sleep, you are refreshed with new energy to face the day. Get into that habit to increase your energy level daily.

  5. Helps you to manage your stress level. The lack of sleep or being deficient of sleep makes your body stressed. Body functions are alerted increasing blood pressure and stress hormones are produced more. With high blood pressure, strokes and heart attacks are increased. Many ailments are mere manifestations of high levels of stress. When you are stressed, though, the more difficult it is to get sleep. You then have to get relaxed to get your sleep.

    Sleep also affects the quality

    Sleep also affects the quality

  6. Helps prevent cancer. People who work night shifts are exposed to higher risk of breast and colon cancer. This is due to the levels of melatonin that differ in people who get exposed to light during the night which causes the level of melatonin to go low. It is melatonin that causes sleepiness, which is known to protect against cancer and suppresses tumor growth. That is why it is important to sleep with lights off during the night so your body can produce melatonin.